Review head massage service in district 2 HCMC

 Relaxation is a very rewarding industry to be in helping people that have been in pain or stressed such as nourishing shampoo service including head massage and hair washing. Speak to others or shadow others more experienced such as other massage therapists, physios etc. Let’s listen to the guest’s story when visiting Hee’s Beauty spa in district 2, HCMC.
I went to this head spa during my visit to Vietnams last month. It was the most amazing experience and she is really the sweetest. I was unfortunately late to my apt due to going the wrong way on the taxi but she was so kind and still did my full appointment and really took her time. 
At consultation she recommended a different service than what I had originally asked for and explained thoroughly why it wouldn’t be a good choice for my hair type. She does not speak fluent English but does her best and is just the sweetest person and if anyone is able to go.
Review head massage service in district 2 HCMC
 “Her spa is located in one of the loveliest areas – district 2, Ho Chi Minh City. I knew nothing about it but ended up spending the whole day in that part of district 2 as there was so much to do and it was so cute. Thank you Alice and Hee’s Beauty.”
Client’s Review head massage service in district 2 HCMC
“This woman deserves all the customers in the world! She is so sweet and gentle, and the English preparation is sooooo cute and sweet. I wish we could all hug her and tell her how thoughtful she is.”
The technician seems so nice, and has created a really comfy-looking atmosphere in the spa. Nourishing shampoo service is included head massage and hair washingh. And the preparation of an English menu to help foreign customers feel more at ease was clever and thoughtful!
Massage is  non-verbal communication.  So incredibly important!  Tune in to the client 100%, and hold space for whatever is occurring in a caring, loving, non-judgemental way.  The therapists should fully engaged with the client on all levels, and do not have the non-verbal communication do they hold space for them. I appreciate the mother hand technique, the aspect of kindness, and the integration of appropriating all styles of message from Hee’s Beauty spa. Absolutely Fantastic.

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